Swamp in Love Bamboo Cooking Spoons


Designer Bamboo Cooking Spoons in Singapore
Cook your favourite meals with SustainableSG’s Bamboo Cooking Spoons that are non-stick, lightweight and easy to clean.

Made from bamboo, a natural and renewable source, these eco-friendly and reusable spoons will bring you a step closer towards a more sustainable Singapore and a more environmentally responsible you!

Not only are these spoons made to last, they are wax-free and uncoated to keep your food away from unpleasant odours and harmful toxins. Dish out delicious meals for your loved ones while saving the environment, one stir at a time.


Behind the Design
Meals taste better when you are in the companionship of friends and family. Swarmed by Love is inspired by love for one another, regardless of species as we live in the same swamp in harmony.


Designed by Yulia Saksen, Creativeans
10% of the proceedings go to saving our natural habitat.


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