Under the Sea Bamboo Cooking Spoons


Designer Bamboo Cooking Spoons in Singapore
Cook your favourite meals with SustainableSG’s Bamboo Cooking Spoons that are non-stick, lightweight and easy to clean.

Made from bamboo, a natural and renewable source, these eco-friendly and reusable spoons will bring you a step closer towards a more sustainable Singapore and a more environmentally responsible you!

Not only are these spoons made to last, they are wax-free and uncoated to keep your food away from unpleasant odours and harmful toxins. Dish out delicious meals for your loved ones while saving the environment, one stir at a time.


Behind the Design
When the spoons are placed together, the illustrations tells a story of a journey in the underwater world. As the individual deep dived to the Mariana Trench from the seashore, they will go through the 5 layers of the ocean; each spoon representing a layer. While discovering each layer, different sea creatures will be introduced as they submerged themselves in nature.


Designed by Rachel Lim, Creativeans
10% of the proceedings go to saving our natural habitat.


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